We have won a MPA Excellence Award


 We have won  a  Business Excellence Award from  The Master Photographers Association.  Its a real privilege to be part of The Master Photographers Association  and rubbing sholders with Qualified  Master photographers from all over the world.

What an amazing weekend celebrating with the very best  Master Photographers, all of us sharing our skills & knowledge and winning amazing awards like ours. Our NICU Calenders have been sold to raise funds for The Luton & Dunstable Hospital NICU appeal and we have raised over £5000 so far.

To us, this award represents recognition for our many years of hard work with organisations such as the Luton & Dunstable Hospital. Even though they need every penny they can get, these organisations do not allow just anyone to work with them, to use their logo and in the case of the Hospital, to photograph their precious tiny Neo-Natal babies. They trust us with their precious reputations as a result of the work we have done with them and the relationships we have built.

To finally receive recognition for all our hard work with our business at such a prestigious event is just amazing and quite overwhelming.
I was totally overcome with emotion.

This last weekend has been the best ever and we feel so fired up and inspired to push ourselves forward to greater things. Thank you so much MPA we are still on cloud 9.

Our latest offer to raise funds for NICU Fundraising and Red Cross UK (Bedfordshire)   can be found here

Awards evening images © Gary Orgles (used by kind permission) www.gophotography.co.uk