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The Original Fairy Experience by Anita Mason



We are so excited about being able to offer this style of photography to new and existing clients.  The Original Fairy Experience wonderland will be back with us from 24th-27th October 2020.


How proud and delighted are we  to be working with renowned Photographer Anita Mason and her Original Fairy Experience.

Anita’s idea evolved some 30 years ago whilst running a studio in Hemel Hempstead, photographing mainly babies and children.

David & Sue of Oakley Studios, have known Anita for over 30 years and she is the ultimate professional photographer in this genre.  She has always had a passion for photography, arts, crafts and flower arranging, so designing her own fairy set was a pleasure, resulting in her making and embellishing most of the costumes personally.  She also created her own backdrops as she was unable to source backdrops which offered the unique style and atmosphere she wanted to create.

The Original Fairy Experience by Anita Mason

Fairy photography has grown dramatically since she started.   Her style was influenced by Cicely Mary Barker’s ‘Flower Fairies’ books which she loved as a child, resulting in the portraits being timeless, capturing the magic of childhood. Classical lighting is used with an occasional dab of sparkle added upon editing – all images are retouched and artistically enhanced.

With Anita’s passion for her Fairy Experience and the fantastic reputation of Oakley Studios with Baby & Child Photography, you and your children are  assured of a warm welcome and enjoyable sitting at our  beautiful Garden Studio which is being transformed especially  for your Fairy Experience. 

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  • Fairies and Elves required for timeless images
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  • The Original Fairy Experience
Fairy Experience by Anita Mason logo

David & Sue of Oakley Studios welcomes Anita Mason with her Original Fairy Experience.

The Original Fairy Experience – At Oakley Studios 24th-27th October 2020

Book Your 1 Hour Fairy Experience Portrait Session For Only £25

Booking Fee Details 

To secure your Fairy Experience sitting we ask for a £25 booking fee and this includes a small desk sized image.  Prices start at just £59 for a large desk mounted image.

We also offer a range of beautifully edited & mounted portraits or digital file collections which can be discussed when you book.


How Do I Book

Please complete the contact form below and we will contact you directly or telephone the Studio direct on 01582 491499.  Each sitting should take around 1 hour, which gives you plenty of time to settle in, get to know us and for us to transform your child into a beautiful fairy or the cheekiest elf.

Information and Pricing

The Fairy Experience will be back with us from 24th-27th October 2020, so to secure your preferred date and time (best to avoid baby or toddler sleep and snack times) please get in touch.

WHO CAN TAKE PART……. we offer sittings to girls age 0-Adult and boys age 0-7.  The costumes are very individual to The Original Fairy Experience. They are embellished and decorated by Anita and she has a wonderful selection to choose from.

We can include siblings with a lovely selection of images taken together and separately for you to make your choice. We are highly experienced child photographers, we have extensive experience especially in working with children with additional needs, so please do not hesitate to discuss this with us, just in case extra settling in time is needed.

Once you have visited for your sitting an appointment will be made for you to come back and view the images from which you will make your selection, please bring other family members to the viewing, if you wish, for you all to see the gorgeous images we have created which you can choose from.

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